Vanilla Ice reckons he can see similarities between himself  and the young pop sensation Justin Bieber.

The rapper known for his 1990 hit 'Ice Ice Baby' revealed how he was impressed by Bieber finding success so early on. 'I see similarities, I definitely see similarities,' Vanilla Ice said of Bieber. 'He's a great guy. He's doing great out there right now'.

The teen star has been at the centre of numerous scandals lately for being photographed whilst smoking marijuana and also appearing to grope a female fan. Vanilla Ice has expressed how he hopes it is a not a sign Bieber is about to go off the rails 'Let's hope that it doesn't train wreck, you know, because I had a weekend that lasted a few years and you have to figure out your purpose in life after you're through with your artificial life of being on stage and all the glamour and everything'.

'There's a real life in there and then you have to do that while growing up... So there's going to be some growing pains and everybody is going to be watching. It's going to be entertaining' he added.

Vanilla Ice's album 'Extreme' was one of the fastest selling hip hop albums of all times back in 1990 but fame took it's toll and he soon lapsed into heavy drug use in 1994.Lets hope Bieber doesn't follow down the same path.