If you follow Michael Fry on Twitter, you'll be aware of his penchant for taking the mickey out of various Irish celebs in a pretty unique manner.

The Co. Meath comedian has enjoyed a lot of success on the social media platform by setting famous (or infamous) moments in Irish pop culture to music - usually in the style of a nondescript indie band.

You may have previously seen his take on Nadine Coyle's 'Popstars' passport scandal, but we're also big fans of his Aoife McGregor voicemail and even the notorious 'David's Dead' moment from Celebrity Big Brother.

He may well have turned in his finest work to date with his latest creation, though - the infamous 'Zip Up Your Mickey' voicemail left by Twink on her ex-husband's phone.

For context - and if for some strange reason you have never heard the original - you'll find it here.

Hear Michael Fry's musical version below. Not only is it hilarious, it's damned catchy. We'll be humming 'I hope you and your bastard and your whore rot in hell' for the rest of the day.

Of course, Fry's is not the only musical version of 'Zip Up Your Mickey' out there... Warlords of Pez previously 'released' their version back in 2009.