Kick off your Friday with a blast from the past, given an indie-pop update.

20 years after Nadine Coyle's passport moment on 'Popstars', it's still arguably one of the best reality TV moments to ever come out of Ireland.

At the dear age of just 16, the Derry singer was outed as being underage during the final moments of the talent competition, forcing her to leave that well-known pop group, Six. Things didn't fair so bad for the teenager, as she later went on to be the lead singer in Girls Aloud.

Michael Fry, who has caught our attention in the past by doing cover versions of other iconic reality TV moment - such as that glorious 'Come Dine With Me' moment ("Dear Lord, what a sad little life Jane") - has now made a version of Nadine Coyle's passport moment too.

Set to the beat of an indie-pop song, the sketch performer sings the quotes made by the then 16-year-old. The video sees him play each instrument also, which also features moments from the reality show where she pretends to "look" for that passport.

Here's the full version of the indie-pop song.

Galway actor Nicola Coughlan previously admitted that this moment in pop culture history was her source of inspiration for her accent on 'Derry Girls'.

And for good measure, here's the original of Nadine Coyle's passport/date of birth realisation on the talent show.