Vicar Street will be the setting for Tommy Tiernan's next hosting gig.

Comedian Tommy Tiernan is set to host a brand new series based on the iconic Dublin music venue, Vicar Street. The Dublin 8 hotspot has hosted incredible acts over its 22 years of business, and now it will be the centre of discussions as we head into the unknown in 2021.

Like many venues across the country and the world, March 2020 saw the closure of Vicar Street.

The six-part series, produced by Aiken Promotions, is hoping to inject some much-needed hope into our lives of what's to come as we head into a new year. The series will begin next week, and Tiernan's first guests will be Christy Moore, Lankum, Lisa O'Neill and Vicar Street founder Harry Crosbie.

In a trailer for the new show entitled 'VISION', the comedian is seen walking down the road towards the theatre located in The Liberties.

"Now, here is a bit of history for you. For 22 years Vicar Street has stood on a corner in The Liberties," Tiernan says. "That room, that balcony, that bar. If stages could talk, that stage could tell some stories. Vicar Street was built so everyone could have a crack at it. 22 years and it has been some craic.

"This year is a story in itself. A story that some of us may want to forget. But I don’t think we should do that. We’re here to make fresh history.

"They say the darkest hour is right before the dawn. And while it's not quite morning yet, it is time to let sunlight into this room."

Catch the trailer for the series here.

'VISION' will air on Aiken Promotions’ YouTube and Facebook pages at 9 pm on December 27.