Back in 2015, TLC launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for what remaining members T-Boz and Chilli called their 'final' album.

The r&b group have not released an album of new material since 2002's '3D', but with the Kickstarer campaign successful - raising over $430,00 after an initial goal of $150,000 - it looks like their comeback (and reportedly last) record is finished.

In an update on the Kickstarter page, their manager revealed that it will be released on June 30th, but that it did not have a name as yet. "Tionne and Chilli have been working night and day to hit this date," he wrote. "The video and a photo shoot on April 18th, 19th, 20th."

"One more thing," he added. "We need your help… let's hear your suggestions for the album title! Tionne and Chilli are still undecided so looking to you for inspiration."

Fans can make their suggestions in the comments section of the Kickstarter page.