'All I Want for Christmas' may be topping the charts in the US, and the UK may well have a song about sausage rolls as their Christmas Number One.

However, a campaign to get a Jarvis Cocker song from 2006 to the prestigious Christmas No. 1 spot has gathered momentum in recent days.

'Running the World', taken from the Pulp frontman's self-titled solo album, was written as a protest-song of sorts, with lines like: "Now the working classes are obsolete / They are surplus to society's needs / So let 'em all kill each other / And get it made overseas". The chorus, meanwhile, goes: "C**ts are still running the world" - a line which is seen as particularly prescient by some, given the recent election results.

While the campaign has been instigated by fans, Cocker took to Instagram to share his delight. "I’m so proud that people have chosen the song as a means of protest against the social, political & environmental situation we find ourselves in," he said. "We’ve been playing this song at the recent JARV IS... shows & I often sing “but not for long” at the very end. I truly believe that, as long as we don’t give up, that is true."


Proceeds from the song are going to homeless charity Shelter - so even if it doesn't knock LadBaby's 'I Love Sausage Rolls' off the top spot, you're doing some good by buying or streaming it.