A recent survey conducted on radio listeners showed that over one third of participants would head back to an indoor gig.

With the majority of the country now vaccinated in some shape or form, the topic of the day is whether it's time to begin having live gigs indoors once again like our neighbours over in the UK. With outdoor events allowed to take place, surely these will be the next steps on the arts agenda?

At the moment, it's very hard to tell. Only today did indoor dining resume for restaurants and pubs across the country (under strict rules), with live music performances and dancing still on the list of being "not allowed" - but is the public ready for some jiving?

A recent survey conducted by Radio Nova in Dublin asked listeners about their thoughts on the re-opening of restaurants and venues. From a total of 1,982 responses, the survey found that over one third (35%) of participants said they are "comfortable and ready for the return of live gigs", with nearly 90% saying they are prepared to take an Antigen test for entry. 

With the fine weather we've enjoyed here recently, outdoor events such as the upcoming 'Strawberry Sessions', 'Meadows Festival', and Electric Picnic will be taking place in the coming days and weeks - all of which will be outdoors. So far, all outdoor festivals have proven to be a success, including the Dublin Pilot Festival.

From the figures, however, we can see that people are still wary to enter into a rager indoors. The figures also showed that a slim majority said they wouldn’t be comfortable in a busy bar setting until 2022, and 4% said they will never be comfortable in a nightclub again. Interestingly, out of the almost 2,000 respondents, more than half (51%) said events and restaurants should only be open to those who are fully vaccinated.

PJ Gallagher co-presenter of the 'Morning Glory' breakfast show with Jim McCabe said: "People are really missing live music and entertainment and, whilst some want to get straight back to it and are more than happy to take a Covid Test before attending a gig, many others want to play it safe. I knew how I felt beforehand but I think it was a brilliant exercise to see how people feel as a whole."