The unlikely friendship between Stevie Nicks and Harry Styles has been well documented in the past.

Styles has become something of a muse for the Fleetwood Mac songstress and they have even duetted in the past.

Now, it seems that Nicks is just as enamoured with the former One Direction man's new album 'Fine Line' as we are.

She posted an update on her situation to Twitter, and like many of us, she is staying inside with her loved ones throughout this global crisis.

Nicks also said that she was "getting all my paintings and drawings out - listening to music (mostly Harry Styles' 'Fine Line') and being inspired by him to write some new songs and poetry. She added that the album was Styles's 'Rumours'.

She ended by saying: "My advice for all this free time and terrible news is: just dance. This will pass. Love will find a way. It always does."

We're on board with that. It sure makes more sense than Madonna's, anyway.

Read her full letter below: