Spotify and Discord were cast into a black hole of the internet last night, forcing users to... run to Twitter to voice their dismay.

If you just so happened to be on your way home from work last night, or were prepping your dinner party for friends, or even if you were just chilling in your bedroom - chances are, disaster might have struck; Spotify wasn't working.

The music and podcast app, as well as instant messaging app Discord, weren't working for a number of users across the world last night. The apps were requesting users to log back into their accounts, which didn't work once the correct email and password were submitted.

The outage reportedly happened on Tuesday evening due to a Google Cloud error, resulting in both apps not working for around two hours. However, some users reported their apps only back up and running on Wednesday morning.

As is common practice in this day and age, when one major app gets shut down unexpectedly, users love nothing more than running to another social network to vent their (hilarious) frustrations.

We all remember the trifecta of internet hell when Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook went down in 2019, right?

And so, here are some of the funniest tweets we spotted while the Spotify meltdown raged on Twitter last night.