In case you missed it, Facebook and its family of apps were down for a few hours last night.

Facebook, Messenger, WatsApp, and Instagram use ground to an online halt last night, as all four apps and websites were completely shut down for between eight to fourteen hours in some parts of the world.

Awkwardly enough for Facebook, the website had to turn to its rival Twitter to share the outage news with users.

Here's some of the best reaction, and memes, that we've spotted since the outage took place.

Some people were not one bit happy.

The important things in life.

Some might have had a sudden realisation.


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We saw a lot less nonsense today. RIP. ?

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We didn't freak out... that much.

Mindy Kaling got in on the action.


Sound On.


"Quit playing."


Poor Toby.


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It was definitely Toby's fault ?

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The McDonald's ice cream machine had the upper hand for once.


We're sure this happened in real life.


Twitter was getting all of the attention.


Thankfully, they're all back up and running now.

How did you cope with the social media outage last night? Or, did you even notice?