It's clear that tensions are running high pretty much everywhere right now, and the music world is no different.

So when a white artist mixes up two different black artists, what may have been brushed off with a sense of eye-rolling irritation in the past  has suddenly become a much bigger issue.

Sia found that out the hard way over the weekend - and if you saw the #SiaisOverParty hashtag trending on Twitter, this is why.

The Australian pop star - who last year was forced to deny that she had used blackface in the past - responded to a fan tweeting a picture of Nicki Minaj wearing a Sia-style wig by saying "I love @iamcardib. And although this isn't a collaboration, I would love to COLLAB with her any day!"

She then deleted the tweet when fans pointed out her error, but rather confusingly seemed to misinterpret the outrage. She posted further tweets (also now deleted) referencing the feud between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. "I don't give a sh-t about feuds," one read. "George Floyd was f--king murdered. Breonna Taylor. Murdered. Come on let's rise in unity. You think @iamcardib and Nikki [sic] are so petty that they would want you focusing on a silly feud instead of REAL NEWS."

She added: "Hey @iamcardib @NICKIMINAJ you aren't thinking about a feud right now are you? We are focused on the problem of systemic racism."

When the penny finally dropped, she accepted that she had made 'a buffoon' out of herself.

Neither Minaj nor Cardi B have responded to her, however.