The aftermath of the Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun dispute seems to be getting more heated as each day passes.

As you may have heard, Swift reacted angrily to the fact that pop manager Braun - who discovered Justin Bieber - had bought the rights to her back catalogue after purchasing

Swift's issue was that she wasn't even given a chance to buy it herself. She accused Braun of 'bullying' her for years, leading Justin Bieber to step in to defend his manager's honour.

Now, other artists have joined the fray.

Yesterday, Sia tweeted her support for Braun, saying: "You're a good kind man... I hope this passes quickly."

In response, Swift's fans unearthed a picture of the Australian singer in 2011 with her face and neck painted black, in a bid to discredit her.

In turn, Sia has defended the photo, claiming that it was a bid to paint herself "into the backdrop" and was a precursor to the famous wig she wears on stage to hide her face.

In recent days, Demi Lovato (who is also managed by Braun) has also publicly declared her support for him, calling him a 'good man' on Instagram. Meanwhile, Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco, and a collaborator of Swift's, called him 'toxic'.

This one could run and run.