There has been a multitude of gig cancellations and album postponements since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

However, nobody has been forced to change the actual title of their forthcoming release - until now.

Non-binary pop artist Sam Smith was due to release their new album 'To Die For' on May 1st, but not only has it been pushed back, its name will change, too.

Smith posted an update to fans on Instagram which read:

"To my wonderful fans, firstly I want to send love and strength to everyone who has been affected by this situation. I hope you are all alright during this incredibly weird, upsetting and unprecedented time.

"I have done a lot of thinking the last few weeks and feel that the title of my album and imminent release doesn’t feel right, so I have come to the decision to continue working on the album and make some important changes and additions.

"I will be renaming my album and pushing back the release date – both of which are to be confirmed at this time."

They added: "Don’t worry thought, there will be an album this year, I promise! But until then I am still going to bring out some new music over the next few months, which I’m incredibly excited about.

"Thank you for always being by my side and for your understanding and patience. I always want to do right by you. Always."

Smith had previously released the singles 'How Do You Sleep' and 'To Die For' from their third album - but it looks like fans will have a little longer to wait to hear more.