To say that Quincy Jones's recent interviews have been entertaining is a bit like saying Michael Jackson was only alright at dancing.

Some of the recent revelations the 85-year-old producer made in interviews with GQ and Vulture included the allegation that Richard Pryor and Marlon Brandon had a sexual relationship (later confirmed by Pryor's widow), denouncing Taylor Swift, calling The Beatles 'the worst musicians in the world' and even declaring Ireland (and Scotland) to be 'so racist it's frightening', adding that he only stays in Bono's 'castle' when he visits Dublin.

Now, however, he has released a statement that explains how his six daughters staged an 'intervention' following the interviews and made him realise the error of his 'word vomit' ways.

He puts his 'silly statements' down to the fact that he stopped drinking three years ago, and the memories coming 'flooding back at all once' - and apologised 'to anyone whom my words offended'.

It might take a bit more than that to get an entire nation back on side, Quincy.

Read the full statement below: