By now, we're well used to hearing about the ridiculous ways that very rich people - especially rappers - spend their money.

A few months back, Lil Uzi Vert had a pink diamond worth $24 million implanted into his forehead - yes, his forehead - which has since been removed.

Now, Post Malone has shown off his latest grotesque display of wealth with diamond fang implants worth a reported $1.6 million.

The 'Congratulations' rapper, who already has a variety of facial tattoos, had the implants installed over the weekend by celebrity dentist Thomas Connelly. He reportedly had other dental work done at the time, including porcelain veneers and restoration.

They reportedly weigh 12 carats (the average engagement ring weighs around one carat, for comparison) and were made at Los Angeles upmarket jewellers, Angel City Jewelers (scroll to see more).

Connelly - who has installed similar implants in other celebrities' mouths - said that it was the first time that he had been asked to create an entire diamond tooth, rather than just the veneer.

"He’s now got two functional, full diamond teeth,” he told Rolling Stone. “They light up the room. They sparkle, they shine; they’re amazing.”

Post Malone - real name Austin Post - has not yet shared pictures of the implants or commented on them himself.