The luck of the Irish, or the sheer brass neck of the Irish?

J1 student Daragh O'Rourke straddled the boundaries of both categories recently after he blagged his way into a Post Malone gig without a ticket - and ended up singing with the young rapper in his backstage dressing room.

He told Beat102-103FM that he had turned up to the gig in Los Angeles with the hope of buying a ticket outside - until a stroke of luck and a ballsy move led to him finding his way inside, after he picked up a discarded production wristband outside the venue.

"I’m not going to lie, it was pretty beaten up, so I put some chewing gum on my wrist to keep it together," he said. "I took out my phone where I had this imaginary conversation about experiencing sound issues at the theatre. I was like ‘Ahh yeah. There’s an echo in the building’. I was just winging it.

He continued: "After a while on my phone, I told the security guard that it was all sorted. I flashed the wristband, but she asked for my credentials, which I obviously didn’t have. She then says ‘hang on, I’ll get my manager’. So the security manager comes along, flashes at the wristband with his torch, and lets me through. I couldn’t contain myself.”

Before long, he said, he was not only in the gig but in the rapper's dressing room, singing 'The Auld Triangle' with him.

We weren't aware of any Irish connections to Post Malone, but there's obviously something going on for him to know such a classic...