They may have gone through a rocky period in their marriage in recent years - perhaps beginning with or culminating in that infamous 'elevator episode' in 2014 - but it seems that Beyonce and Jay-Z are past it all.

So past it, in fact, that they're even posing for tongue-in-cheek photos for the paps last night on their way home from a date.

In case you've somehow forgotten, Beyonce's sister Solange attacked her brother-in-law in an elevator at The Standard hotel in New York after the Met Gala, but the husband and wife superteam (who, it was recently revealed, have worked on an album together) were on a cinema date celebrating Jay-Z's birthday last night.

As they left the cinema in an elevator - apparently after watching Woody Allen's latest film - Jay-Z said 'Hurry up, come get it' as the pair posed their little hearts out.

Watch below: