Since the dawn of the Internet era, it's become easier and easier to get a sneak-peek into the lives of the rich and the famous - particularly those in the world of music.

Website The Smoking Gun is well known for leaking the backstage tour riders of famous musicians. Earlier this year, they caused Jack White to go apoplectic with rage when they revealed that he demanded that his backstage area be a banana-free zone, as well as recommending a very particular recipe for homemade guacamole.

Now, the 2015 tour rider of Pharrell Williams has been leaked, and it depicts either a man who's lost the run of himself, or one who isn't afraid to poke fun at himself.

Amidst the usual stuff - a load of booze, water, bottle openers, corkscrews, disposable cutlery and food - are some bizarre items.

His demands include a framed picture of astronomer Carl Sagan (so important that he listed it twice), and Pedialyte - an American rehydration medicine given to children. OK - we see where he's going here, given the booze - but why the kids' version? He's also very particular about the temperature of his various requested beverages. 8 of his requested case of 24 'alkaline water' bottles must be room temperature. His 12 bottles of Stella beer must be 'chilled', while his 12 cans of 'assorted soda' must be 'SUPER COLD'.

In terms of cooked food, the venue is informed that he has "changed his diet" and requests a variety of fish dishes, beef stew or curry for his dinner. There's also a long list of very particular preferred food options for his crew, 'many of whom are on the Atkins diet.'

There's also a specific part of the rider that demands that all illuminated advertising in the venue be darkened, because "we are not hawking pizza or the local ambulance chaser in your burg".

See the full rider via The Smoking Gun here.

Whatever makes him Happy, eh? (We'll get our coat.)