You may have thought you'd heard the last of One Direction.

Depending on where you stand on the boyband, their 'indefinite hiatus' back in 2016 was either a tragedy of epic proportions or a relief.

That means you'll have similarly conflicted feelings about a new song that has just leaked. Well, when we say 'new', we mean 'previously unheard'.

The song is from sessions undertaken during recording of their 2012 album 'Take Me Home', and is believed to have been written by Harry Styles - who also sings it.

It's called 'Half the World Away' and is a trademark heartache-infused number, with lines like "If you were a good friend you’d always be there when I need it /  ’cause I’m on my knees and babe I’m bleeding / And it kills me that you’re not around.’

He also sings "I started drinking, I don’t know half of what I’m thinking / I’m deep in, I’m scared I’ll stop breathing / We’ve started to lose who we are." Deep, man.

Hear it below: