When it comes to 'Harry Potter', there are just so many characters that we might have seen on screen, if only for a few brief moments.

So, since you've watched each of movies more times than you can count, your memory for faces should be pretty good, eh? It's time to take the obscure character 'Harry Potter' quiz and find out if you can remember them all.

With eight movies stemming from the 'Harry Potter' books, as well as two 'Fantastic Beasts' entries, there are dozens of characters who have caught our attention, no matter how briefly.

And no, you won't find any of the main cast of characters here. That would be far too easy (and not as much fun to create).

We've included characters from both the main eight movies of the 'Harry Potter' franchise, as well as a couple of picks from the 'Fantastic Beasts' prequels for good measure.

The next entry in the Wizarding World will be the third entry in the 'Fantastic Beasts', which is due to be released in 2022. There is also a HBO Max series believed to be in development, more details of which we will hopefully hear about in the near future.

Wands at the ready... and the best of luck in our obscure character 'Harry Potter' quiz.

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