There are a few universal truths that apply to everyone in this world, be you rich or poor, a celebrity or a Joe Nobody. One of which is never go grocery shopping when you're hungry. And the other? Never, ever, Tweet when you're angry. Nicki Minaj has violated the latter and, in doing so, committed a most twenty-first century faux pas.

A quick nose through Twitter today will tell you first that Minaj has been forced to cancel the remaining UK and Irish dates of her current tour and, second, that a LOT of her fans are none too happy about it. As we reported this morning, a vocal cord issue has led to the premature cancellation of the Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded tour temporarily delaying what would be Minaj's Irish debut on Tuesday night in the Olympia.

Minaj took to Twitter and said the following:

Pretty standard musician apology for gig cancellation, right? Well, within minutes shit got real when there was a less than enthusiastic response from a selection of her 'fans'.


To be fair to Minaj, she was no doubt the recipient of some awfully derogatory tweets, such as this one.

Ah, the delightful anonymity of Twitter... We'll no doubt see some sort of apology (or the more PR friendly 'clarification' tweet) from Nicki Minaj's account in the near future. But to those who were complaining about Minaj's Dublin cancellation? Get the f*ck over yourselves, her voice is gone and she's already announced another Dublin show in NOVEMBER.