Muse have slowly but surely become one of the biggest arena rock acts on the planet over the course of their previous five albums. Their sixth record, The 2nd Law, will hit the shelves on September 28th here and anticipation has never been higher. 'Madness' will be the album's second single after 'Survival', which was the official song of the London Olympics.

You can pre-order a copy of Muse's The 2nd Law right here.

Now a few words from the lads themselves:

Chris Wolstenholme

"Well when we were working on 'Madness', the thing that really struck me about that song was that again it was something that that sounded very, very different to what we'd done. I think when Matt first showed us he'd got a kind of very rough kinda bass synth thing going and just found some really, really simple drum samples. You kinda got this repetitive hook in the bass line that I just found really, really hypnotic. Matt was kinda playing it and then sort of humming along and I can remember thinking at the time this is gonna be a really great song. It is so simple but there's the melodies of the hook of the bass line and the drum beat which is just really hypnotic. Then the vocal melody just pulls you in straightaway. I think that was one song which was a real studio track. We always knew that in order for that song to work, it had to stay quite true to what Matt had intended in the first place, which was to have a really simple kind of electronic vibe going on with just this great melody over the top. So I think probably that song more than any other really grew in the studio and it was a completely different approach because you know there wasn't an awful lot of actual band playing going on. It was kinda nice to actually just put down the instruments for a bit and take a completely different approach to music."

Dominic Howard

"I think 'Madness' is a real step forward. We've touched on, like you know, working with electronics before in the past a little bit but this time it feels like that song in particular is something really, really fresh for the band."

Matthew Bellamy

"'Madness' was a song where we really wanted to keep things a bit more simple and stripped down and write a song that was lyrically easy to relate to and not trying to be too elaborate with things. It's actually based on a 12 bar blues which is very unusual for us as well. The influence is kinda from gospel, soul that kind of area and obviously R and B as well. It really is completely new territory for us musically. It's a very simple song, I'd say it's the song that I'm probably most proud of on the album for sure."