There's nothing like getting lost in some new music when madness across the globe is kicking off.

Thus the timing of the release of the latest single from Miley Cyrus couldn't be more perfect.

Titled 'Edge of Moonlight', the song is a remix of her prior record 'Midnight Sky' and you can hear the vocals of the iconic Stevie Nicks (by way of the Fleetwood Mac lead singer's 1981 tune 'Edge of Seventeen') as well.

They're not prominent on the single, but definitely add that something special.

Miley Cyrus had personally reached out to Nicks about sampling her vocals ahead of the release of the remixed track.

The 'Wrecking Ball' singer told Harpers Bazaar: "I actually reached out to her directly about, 'this song it has your spirit, your magic.'

"I actually wrote this whole kind of message about, 'you know the kind of artist I want to be is the kind of artist that you’ve been for me, like I just hope that I can be that for other people.'

"And like when I’ve felt lonely Stevie Nicks has been there for me, whether she’s known it or not."

And given she shared a sample from the song on Twitter, it looks like Stevie Nicks loved the final cut.


Listen to the song in full, which hails from Cyrus' new album 'Plastic Hearts', below.


'Plastic Hearts' is released at the end of the month on November 27.