In the lifecycle of a viral moment, it often gets back to someone attached and often sees them recreate some part of it.

For example, David Schwimmer recreated that thief who stole a whole slab of cans because, well, why not? He did look very like him, in fairness. Anyway, with 'Dreams' now soaring through the streaming charts thanks to a viral TikTok made by Nathan "420doggface208" Apodaca, it's only right that the song's original performers are getting in on it.

Earlier last week, none other than Mick Fleetwood himself recorded his own version of Apodaca's TikTok, cranberry juice and all. Today, it's Stevie Nicks who's lacing up her skating boots and taking a nice gulp of cranberry juice as she sings her 43-year old soft rock hit.

Sadly, we don't get to see the singer roll her way down a hill, so we'll just have to 'Stand Back' and imagine it only in our 'Dreams'. After all, it might be a little dangerous for her as Stevie Nicks isn't on 'The Edge of Seventeen' any more.

Take a look.