When you're in a band or a group of any kind, there's always bound to be tension of some kind from time to time.

Mel C has revealed that she had a spat with none other than Posh aka Victoria Beckham in the band's early days which almost led to her being dumped from the group.

In an interview with The Guardian, she said that in the months before the Spice Girls launched and released their debut single 'Wannabe', they were invited to the Brit Awards. "I got a bit lairy and I told Victoria to fuck off," she said. "I upset her, and I was told that if that behaviour ever happened again, then..." she said, making a guillotine gesture.

In the same interview, she admitted that a song from her 2016 solo album 'Pieces of Me' about being bullied by another member of the band was about Mel B. However, she later went on to discuss Mel B's abusive marriage with ex-husband Stephen Belafonte, saying "I feel – and she knows this – I feel shit that I wasn’t more determined to intervene.But what can you do? We’re all grownups. I couldn’t wade in there and say: ‘I think your husband’s a prick, I want to take you away."

She said that she and Mel B had fallen out about it. "It was difficult and she couldn’t leave that situation until she was ready," she said. "Thank God nothing happened to her. You do feel shit that you didn’t do more.”

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