A disco-country sad-banger of sorts, the new song arrived today to a fan frenzy.

This is Mark Ronson's first new track from an album in six years, and Miley Cyrus has also kept quite quiet recently too. The singer deleted all of her previous posts on Instagram earlier this year, as is seemingly the new trend to do when you have new material on the way.

Here's the music video for you to see.

The music video for 'Nothing Breaks Like a Heart' is chockablock full of symbolism; from Cyrus' past, to everything that is happening over in the States at the moment. Fans are undoubtedly pulling the video apart limb by limb to unearth all of its hidden meanings.

Here's some conclusions that people have jumped to so far.

After watching the video, what do you make of the new song from the pair? Let us know your reactions to 'Nothing Breaks Like a Heart' in the comments.