James Dean Bradfield has confirmed that Manic Street Preachers have begun work on a new album. Speaking to Bang Showbiz, the Welshman cryptically said: "I'm trying to find a good word for the next album. I'm not going to say esoteric because no-one wants to hear that word, it's not even eclectic."

"It's not the mess up of Lifeblood (the band's 2004 release), which was disconnected and didn't have much life blood. Actually, it was quite blood-less! I Think we've done something much better this time", Bradfield continued.

Manics fans are no doubt enthused by this news but it comes with a caveat - the proposed album won't be released until sometime in 2014.

Meanwhile, in rather odd news, WWE wrestler Wade Barrett has announced that Manic Street Preachers will record a new theme song for his entrances to the wrestling ring.

Hmm, we didn't see that one coming...