It's fair to say that the pandemic has revealed a number of things about celebrity culture that was, if not unknown, at least actively ignored by many of us.

One of them is that they're all painfully, stupidly out of touch with reality. Oblivious enough, for example, to think that the rest of us want to see them singing 'Imagine' in black-and-white from their mansions while the world around them burns. Another is that anyone actually gives a shit that they "feel like they're in prison", because prisons - as we all know - are luxury homes in the foothills of Los Angeles.

Another thing that's been made painfully clear is that a number of celebrities are, in fact, batshit crazy. Case in point, Madonna - who recently had a post concerning a conspiracy theory about coronavirus yanked off Instagram for misinformation. We're not going to go into the specifics of the video, because that's just spreading more information, but suffice to say, the stuff was bonkers and was clearly, easily debunked.

As if to highlight how stupid it is, Donald Trump posted the same video across Facebook and Twitter, with both social media platforms removing the video in question because it was A) bullshit, B) dangerous for spreading misinformation, and C) completely debunked.

Madonna has been spending the pandemic posting increasingly bizarre videos on her Instagram, so it was only a matter of time before she began circling the drain of conspiracy theories on social media, not unlike your weird aunt who keeps crystals all over her one-bedroom apartment and tries to get you to take some herbs with you "for protection".