Videos of the 'Solar Power' singer shushing the crowds at her concerts have surfaced and people cannot cope with number one, the audacity and number two, the awkwardness.

Yep, you read that right. Concerts. Plural. Evidence suggests that the artist has been shushing crowds for quite some time. Especially on the most high pitched moments in songs and, some say, particularly for notes she can't even hit.

Even if you stan the woman, you've got to laugh (and marvel) at the confidence. One of the most shush-inducing live tracks, 'Writer in the Dark', is doing the rounds online and people cannot get enough. You could actually hear a pin drop.

Some people think it's absolutely hilarious.

While others defend the singer's choice.

Whether it truly is diva territory or if it's just an extension of musicality and the way in which the song should be heard, shush-Gate will never not be funny.

Are you pro-shush or anti-shush?