Lily Allen has been forced to cancel the remaining of her 'No Shame' tour in Chicago and Minneapolis because of an illness she has been battling for the past two weeks. 


The singer broke the bad news to her fans on Twitter, cancelling the shows due to her throat and vocal cords becoming "inflamed and angry".

"CHICAGO + MINNEAPOLIS, I have no choice but to cancel tonight and tomorrow’s shows, my throat and vocal chords are so inflamed and angry. Working on rescheduling and will have more info for you as soon as I get it. I am so sorry, I was so looking forward to seeing y’all":

The videos Allen was posting came from her sick bed, where she said the illness has been coming for a while:

Allen was thankful to her fans for being there for her, even though she had let them down. She promised she'd make it up to them another time:

The Metro is also reporting that as well as Allen having a bad throat, she received some news from home that's left her "shaken". Asked if she was doing okay, her response was "Not really. I can’t speak and I’m very shaken up by news from back home."

Perhaps most devastatingly, we'll never get to see what her costume would have looked like. When a fan asked Allen what she was dressing up as, she said "Ivanka Trump at the UN with built in table. It was perfect":

Here's wishing Allen a speedy recovery.