There are 'difficult second albums' and then there are difficult second albums.

If you're a Lewis Capaldi fan who has worn out your copy of his debut album or played 'Somebody to Love' more than is necessary, no doubt you're wondering when its follow-up will arrive.

The Scottish star gave fans an update on the progress being made on his second album, although it's not one that they may have been expecting.

Since Capaldi is socially distancing and on lockdown with his parents at home, he took to Instagram Live to share how he's getting on in his usual witty manner.

‘I’m trying my best but if I’m honest there’s nothing less inspiring than living at home with your parents during a lockdown when your dad is watching the news and then my mother, she’s recently discovered memes," he said.

"And let me tell you, it has been the bane of my existence for the last few weeks. All she does is shove her phone in my face with memes. Even when I think I’m safe in my room she’ll send me pictures."

He added: "So that’s not a very inspiring environment to create in. I’ve been trying to write but it’s been going awful because I keep getting interrupted with memes. So expect a meme-based album if I haven’t been killed by my mother."

Considering the number of acts who've been pushing their albums back in the current circumstances, an album based around memes sounds pretty good to us right now.