If you're not a fan of Lewis Capaldi the musician, you're surely a fan of Lewis Capaldi the man.

If music doesn't work out for the 23-year-old, a career in stand-up surely awaits.

Part of the Scottish singer's appeal is his blase attitude to fame, his lack of media training and his general good-natured wit.

So ahead of his gigs at Dublin's 3Arena this Sunday and Monday, we've compiled ten of his funniest quotes to date.

1. [Accepting his BRIT Award for 'Someone You Loved', which was inspired by his late grandmother] “Thanks to my label, thanks to my mum and dad for... I dunno... making love? And thanks to my grandmother for... um... dying?”

2. “I see all these posts saying 'I met Lewis Capaldi', and in the picture, I look like a melting hippo.”

3. “The fact you have to pay 50p to use the loo in some places is the root of the world's issues.”

4. "Whoever says money can't buy ye happiness has never ordered three takeaways in one day."

5. "If you blow an eyelash and make a wish and it turns out to actually be a pube, does the magic still work?"

6. "I understand, it must be difficult to explain your erection every time one of my songs comes on" [Replying to a tweet that said "I wish I'd never seen Lewis Capaldi's face, his voice is ruined for me now."]

7.  "The amount of people with receding hairlines that tell me I’ve got a shite haircut is astounding."

8. “I was watching a Billie Eilish interview, and she said that Vans are small dick energy. I wear exclusively Vans, they're the only type of shoe I wear. So you're looking at a man with a small dick.”

9. "One Direction? Who doesn't love One Direction? (pause) My grandmother. But she'll be dead soon."

10. "People tell me I look like Meat Loaf a lot. One person said 'Lewis Capaldi brushes his hair with a toffee apple'. To be honest, I don't brush it at all."