The debate about facemasks is one that is becoming increasingly hostile - not just in Ireland, but around the world.

However, one thing that everyone can agree on is that wearing a mask like Lana Del Rey's is pretty pointless.

The Los Angeles star was making an appearance in a branch of book shop Barnes & Noble last week to promote her new poetry collection 'Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass'. As the event was indoors, masks were required - but her mask of choice, which was made of mesh material, was purely decorative and offered no protection to others.

Since pictures and videos have gone online, Del Rey has been criticised for the mask, with one commenter saying "What is wrong with Lana del Rey like she’s literally not okay why is she wearing a fishnet mask, like is this supposed to be a statement or something.”

The Independent report that her sister Chuck defended the singer, saying that she had "tested negative" for Covid and "stood more than six foot away." However, there are also photos of her posing with fans at the same event.

More to the point, however, she may be subject to a fine for violating the order in Los Angeles requiring masks to be worn at all indoor events.