The lead-in to 'Stupid Love' may have been painfully drawn out, but Lady Gaga's new song - in its finished version - is finally here.

It's Gaga's first release since the songs from 'A Star is Born', so it's safe to say that she has a lot to live up to.

As many expected after hearing a rough version of the song after it leaked last month, 'Stupid Love' is a return to her early days.

The '80s-influence dance-pop song is incredibly catchy, while the video sees Gaga essentially saving pop music (while nodding to both the Spice Girls' 'Say You'll Be There' video and the Power Rangers, perhaps?)

Even more impressively, the video was shot on an iPhone 11 Pro. Yes, an iPhone.

Fans also reckon that the video may have given away the title of her forthcoming sixth album as 'Chromatica'.

Watch it and check out the fan reaction below...