It's been over three years since Lady Gaga released her last album 'Joanne', but it looks like fans won't have too much longer to wait for its follow-up.

The first single from the album, 'Stupid Love', has leaked online and her Little Monsters (aka extremely dedicated fanbase) are losing their tiny minds with excitement.

It's not clear whether the song is the finished version or a demo. In any case, there is speculation that it wasn't due for release until February 7th.

The title of the song was uncovered by sneaky fans in the source code of her official website (which was later amended.)

Considering the leak is a breach of copyright, it's difficult to find a link that stays active for any length of time - but there are snippets of the '80s synth-pop-based song that many have likened to her 'Born This Way' era.

Gaga herself has not yet commented on the purported leak, and it remains unclear whether the song's official release date will be brought forward - watch this space for more on that.

Until then, the amusing fan reaction has been OTT, bordering on hysterical...