It's been a traumatic week for Lady Gaga, even moreso for her dogs, and even moreso than that for her dog walker.

As you may have heard, the pop star's two dogs, Koji and Gustav, were stolen last Wednesday during a violent robbery that saw her assistant Ryan Fischer being shot. As he walked three of the dogs - all French Bulldogs - a car pulled up alongside him and demanded that he hand them over. In the ensuing struggle, he was shot in the chest but is thankfully expected to fully recover.

One of the dogs, Asia, escaped and was later recovered by police - but the thieves successfully got away with Koji and Gustav.

Lady Gaga - who is currently shooting a film in Rome - later put up a reward of  $500,000 for the safe return of her dogs. Over the weekend, a woman brought both dogs to an LAPD station and they were later identified by reps for the pop star.

Police said the woman was "uninvolved and unassociated” with the robbery, and had found the dogs tied to a pole in an alleyway. After recognising them as the missing dogs, she emailed the address on the poster and was instructed to bring them to an LAPD station.

She will receive the $500,000 reward, although the dognappers have still not been traced.