The singer has a year-long contract with the electrifying squirrel. Who knew?

Katy Perry and her Pokémon pal Pikachu have today released their collaboration song 'Electric', which we bet is going to appeal to a very broad audience (we see what you did there, Perry).

In the music video, we see Perry and Pikachu team up together to travel back in time. There they see a younger version of the singer (and a pre-evolved Pikachu, Pichu), and try to inspire them. With lyrics such as "They’ll try to bring you down // But you’ve got the power now" Perry is gifting us with the wholesome and inspiring music the world needs these days.

It's a cute, uplifting, safe bop hailing back to Perry's previous releases such as 'Roar' and 'Firework'; the kind of music you're going to hear on many promotional videos over the coming year.

Where we draw the line, however, is by calling Katy Perry a Pokémon trainer - that title is reserved for Ash Ketchum et al from the anime, thank you very much (and us as we battle our way through the video games). With Pikachu featuring in the music video throughout, it's disappointing that we don't even get a "pika pi" from the small, yellow ball of energy.

'Electric' is part of the 25th Pokémon anniversary album which is set for release this year. Other artists included in the line-up are Post Malone and J Balvin. More artists will be released in the coming weeks, and the album will feature 14 tracks from 11 artists.

Here's the Katy Perry and Pikachu music video for 'Electric'.

Earlier this week, Katy Perry announced that she'll be heading up a Las Vegas residency called 'Play', which opens at the iconic location this December.