'Running Up That Hill' is the surprise hit that no one was expecting in 2022 - least of all Kate Bush.

Yet because of its inclusion in a number of episodes from the new series of 'Stranger Things', the song - originally released in 1985 and taken from Bush's 'Hounds of Love' album - has had a new lease of life, 37 years on.

Of course, it is one of Bush's best-known songs but the lyrics have remained a mystery to casual fans over the years.

Given its newfound popularity with a younger generation, however, Bush went on BBC's Woman's Hour programme yesterday to give a rare interview and discuss the song and its meaning.

"It's just extraordinary," she said, referring to its recent success. "It's such a great series. I thought that the track would get some attention. But I just never imagined that it would be anything like this. It's so exciting.

"The Duffer brothers created the series and actually we watched it from the first series onwards, so I was already familiar with the series. And I thought what a lovely way for the song to be used in such a positive way. You know, as a kind of talisman almost really for Max. And yeah, I think it’s very touching, actually.”

"But it's quite shocking really, isn't it? I mean, the whole world's gone mad."

She was also asked about the song's title, which she revealed was originally called 'A Deal with God'. "I think they were just worried, the record company, that it wouldn’t get played on the radio,” Bush said of the decision to change it. “That people would feel it was a sensitive title.”

As for its meaning?

“I really like people to hear a song and take from it what they want," she said. "But originally it was written as the idea of a man and a woman swapping with each other. Just to feel what it was like, from the other side."

You can hear the Woman's Hour interview in full below.