Jeff Goldblum's debut jazz album, 'The Capitol Studios Sessions with the Mildred Sitzer Orchestra', has crashed into the No.1 spot on Billboard's Jazz Album Chart and Traditional Jazz Album Chart. The album, which features our own Imelda May, is described by Goldblum himself as a callback to "when jazz was fun, social, sexy music, instead of something a little more esoteric."

Have a listen.

However, if you're thinking this is the rebirth of jazz as a popular genre, you need to cool your jets. Per THR's report, the album sales total 3,000 so far - which isn't exactly a lot, but still, good enough for Goldblum to top the charts.

Goldblum has been performing live jazz music since the '90s, but was only just recently approached by Decca Records to cut a full-length album. Given how just about everybody loves Jeff Goldbum, you've got to wonder why anyone hasn't made an album sooner.

That said, can it even begin to top this? Can any music made by man or machine top this? Probably not.