The Grandmaster is at the top of his game right here.

When Thor: Ragnarok was released it won many fans over by incorporating more comedy into the superhero genre. Director Taika Waititi let his stellar cast improvise and go off script and the result was a genuinely hilarious movie.

In this scene Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster rants about ‘International Symbols’ when Tom Hiddleston’s Loki and Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie don’t pick up on his fairly obvious gesture.

Turns out his bodyguard Topaz, played by Rachel House, isn’t much better at picking up hints. Check it out:

Next is the execution scene where, again, we get the pleasure of watching the Grandmaster rant. This time it’s about a bat problem in his house and its in the company of Thor himself who’s under the powers of an 'obedience disk'. Check it out:

Two shining examples of peak Jeff Goldblum, we're sure you’ll agree.

Via: Uproxx