A lot of big pop stars have postponed the releases of their albums this year, but - so far, at least - Adele has not been one of them.

Even though there's been no official word about the follow-up to '25', the Londoner recently told a group of people at a wedding that her fourth album would be released in September.

The fact that it was apparently scheduled for release later in the year gave fans hope that it would avoid becoming a casualty of the pandemic - but Adele has hinted that it will now be pushed back until next year.

She made the comment last night during an Instagram livestream between BabyFace and Teddy Riley. The stream, which was plagued by technical difficulties, took place last night. Referring to the delay in getting the stream re-started, Adele commented "Come on, it’s 2020 – we ain’t meant to get what we want!”

Many have taken it to mean that her album won't now see the light of day until 2021, although of course, it depends on how you want to interpret it.

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