Most of us have resorted to spending any spare time in lockdown perfecting our banana bread recipes and finally finishing that jigsaw that's been languishing in a cupboard for years.

Not Shakira, though.

The Colombian pop star, best known for songs like 'Hips Don't Lie' and 'Whenever, Wherever', has taken up a new hobby - and it looks like she's mastered it pretty well, too.

Earlier this summer, she posted a montage of herself skateboarding, saying "My new hobby: it was either this or pottery."

Now, she's posted an update, and she's clearly got the hang of it:

A quick scroll through the pop star's Instagram feed shows her trying out various sporty activities, from surfing to golf - so she's clearly just one of those annoying people who's good at everything.

Get her on a half pipe next, we say. We want tricks, Shakira...