JLo and Shakira's iconic Super Bowl performance has caused quite the stir online for the undeniable political statements that appeared during the halftime show.

Not only did two of the world's biggest performers share the same stage on the night of America's biggest sporting event, but the pair also honored their Columbian and Latina heritages in a not-so-subtle way too (if you missed the full performance you can watch it here).

After tearing up the stage separately, JLo and Shakira then made way for the former's 11-year-old daughter Emme, who performed a slowed-down version of her mother's song 'Let's Get Loud'.

Singing from behind a glowing cage-like dome, Emme was joined by many other Hispanic and Latino children who were in placed similar-looking cages, all wearing sparkly silver American flags across their white hoodies. Many viewers of the Super Bowl performance believe that that pair are referencing the devastating situation at the US/Mexico border, whereby immigrant children have been detained in awful conditions, and separated from their parents.


Joining hands together, the children sang before JLo reappeared wearing a huge feathered cape.  Adorned with an American flag on the exterior, the singer then opened the cape to reveal and a Puerto Rican flag one on the inside, before beginning to sing Bruce Springsteen's 'Born in the USA'. The political statement has been fairly loud and clear.

JLo and Shakira's performance has made a statement that no other Super Bowl performance has done for many years. Both descended from non-US backgrounds, they are alluding to the stark reality that many people often forget that citizens of Puerto Rico are also US citizens. Even if many people have only just realised this now, the pair's performance has made one thing crystal clear - they're not standing for the injustices happening in the US. And plenty of people are in agreement.