She may have had to deal with a stalker in recent months, but Billie Eilish has put her spare time during lockdown to good use and has released a new single.

First announced last weekend, 'my future' is the teenage pop star's first release since her Bond theme 'No Time to Die' and is a softly-crooned ballad - at least until a gentle beat kicks in halfway through.

The song was written and recorded with her brother and songwriting partner Finneas in just two days, as she told Zane Lowe. "This is the most we've ever worked in one period of time," she said. "But we record, we wrote it like a month into quarantine probably. And it was pouring rain. We were in this like... Oh, it was such a perfect setting.

"And then we recorded the vocal in Finneas' studio, which is just in his basement in his house.... For me, I'm sure you know, I take f---ing forever to get a vocal take that I like, and I do like a billion takes. And this one... I just, I don't know, there was something about this one take that I did, and I was like, 'This is the only way that it can be.'"

The accompanying anime-style video, the work of Chop Studio, is also quite beautiful and worth a watch.

It's already been watched over 3 million times since it premiered seven hours ago (at time of writing) - there's no denying Billie Eilish's popularity.

Watch it below: