You might think that Billie Joe Armstrong has enough on his plate, what with fronting Green Day and re-visiting his band's old haunts (and being subsequently disappointed, as he was in Dublin).

However, the singer and guitarist has joined forces with a couple of familiar faces to form a new supergroup.

He's recruited Rancid's Tim Armstrong and his nephew Rey for a new supergroup - aptly-titled The Armstrongs - as well as his own 22-year-old son, Joey, who plays drums in San Francisco band SWMRS.

Their first song is taken from a soundtrack to a documentary titled 'Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk', which "focuses on Berkeley, California’s legendary all-ages, non-profit punk venue 924 Gilman, where acts like Green Day and Tim Armstrong’s Operation Ivy and Rancid got their start", according to Rolling Stone.

It's called 'If There Was Ever a Time' and you can hear it below: