One of them is one of the greatest American cultural icons of the 20th century, and the other wishes he was.

You could imagine that Donald Trump would love to be as revered by the public as the late Frank Sinatra - but according to the singer's daughter Nancy, her father felt nothing but disdain for the businessman-turned-president.

Mia Farrow - who married Sinatra when she was 21 (and he was 50) - tweeted that her ex-husband "would have loathed Donald Trump", after Trump made reference to the singer in a speech on Friday. Speaking at Mount Rushmore, he suggested that Sinatra would be included in a new 'National Garden of Heroes' monument.

However, Sinatra's daughter Nancy confirmed Farrow's suspicions:

According to a book by his former manager Eliott Weisman, there was tension between Sinatra and Trump in 1990, when Trump had booked the star to open a casino of his in Atlantic City. When Trump later tried to renegotiate his fee at the last minute, Sinatra allegedly told him to "go f**k himself" and played gigs in Las Vegas instead.

Nancy also has form in the Trump-loathing stakes; she vehemently opposed her father's song 'My Way' being played at his 2017 inauguration, tweeting "Just remember the first line of the song" - which is "And now, the end is near..."