The Jonas Brothers are said to be releasing brand new music tomorrow - and the news has caused quite a panic online.

If you will, cast your mind back to October 2013. This was the month that The Jonas Brothers announced their break-up, devastating fans around the world.

Not ones to shy away from the limelight however (except maybe Kevin), Joe and Nick went on to have successful music and movie careers in the last six years.

Joe Jonas and his band DNCE released their self-titled debut, which included that innuendo-filled 'Cake by the Ocean'; he's also engaged to 'Dark Phoenix' star Sophie Turner. Nick meanwhile has enjoyed success in movies such as 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' and TV shows 'Hawaii Five-O' and 'Scream Queens.' He's also married to actress Priyanka Chopra.

New rumours have surfaced online that suggest Joe, Nick, and Kevin are reuniting to release some new material. US Weekly say the band's new single 'Sucker' will be available from tomorrow, March 1st. And fans have gone off the walls excited.

As is the protocol these days, deleting all previous posts on social media is the new way to announce new music.


People are ready to fully commit everything.


And if a tour does come around - there's gonna be Lady Gaga level of crying.


The fans are no longer teens anymore.


Some are saying that The Jonas Brothers will save pop music...


And they are very patiently waiting.


Their new music might fix your broken heart.

If the rumours are indeed true, then March is set to be on cracking month for new pop music. Just yesterday, we reported that Taylor Swift might be dropping new music due to cryptic Instagram posts; while everyone's favourite Norwegian singer Sigrid is releasing her debut album too.