The past couple of weeks have seen musicians around the world take to various rooms in their house to play live-streamed gigs for fans.

However, there's one happening this Sunday that pretty much trumps your favourite indie musician crooning in their bathroom.

Elton John has put together a huge charity gig that will feature everyone from Billie Eilish to Mariah Carey to Alicia Keys live-streaming sets from their own homes.

The 'iHeart Living Room Concert For America' will raise money for Americans affected by the coronavirus and will air on US network FOX on Sunday evening.

It'll also play on iHeart radio stations across the States (which Irish fans will presumably be able to listen to in podcast form at some point.)

Viewers and listeners will be asked to donate to a fund for both American front-line workers and those struggling in the midst of the pandemic.

It's an alternative to the iHeart Music Awards, which were supposed to take place on Sunday before being cancelled.

Backstreet Boys, Green Day's Billy Joe Armstrong, country star Tim McGraw and more will also play.