For most artists, earning a living off revenue from Spotify streams seems like a distant and completely unattainable dream.

In fact, the miniscule royalties payments from the streaming giant has become something of an in-joke amongst many in the music community.

That's one thing that Drake doesn't have to worry about, though - as he has become the first artist to clock up an incredible 50 BILLION streams on Spotify. That figure also includes any tracks that he has featured on as a guest.

His 2018 song 'God's Plan' accounts for 1.67 billion of those streams alone.

35.72 billion streams has been of his own making, while 14.3 billion include his tracks as a featured artist.

He acknowledged the milestone with a post on his IG stories...

Spotify is said to pay artists up to $0.00437 per stream, or $1 for every 229 streams. Judging by our rudimentary maths, that equates to just under $153 million dollars (or €126 million) for his own tracks - not counting whatever cut he receives from the tracks he guests on.

And that's just from Spotify revenue alone. In short, Drake is a very rich man.