If ever there was a day where we were in need of some frivolous celebrity news, it's today.

Luckily, Drake is on hand to provide us with something to laugh at in the form of his new haircut.

The Canadian rapper debuted his new 'do on Instagram last night, although he deleted it almost immediately - but not before it was captured for posterity by shocked/appalled fans.

Some have claimed that it was a photo sent to his close friends that was then leaked, while others say that it is photoshopped.

And others still speculate that his new hairstyle has something to do with his forthcoming album 'Certified Lover Boy'. As marketing tools go, this is the epitome of a bad idea.

Needless to say, the memes are already rolling in thick and fast, and some of them will have you guffawing on this dreariest of dreary days. Cheers, Drake.